What you need to do to become a possum carer

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Becoming a Possum carer with NQ Wildlife

Possums are wonderful tree-dwelling animals that love to sleep in hollow tree spaces. Providing possums boxes in your trees will help keep them out of your roof and give them a safe place to sleep 

Possums can not be relocated from your property this is law so learning to love your possums is the best way to a harmonious relationship, give them the space they need alternatives to your roof or garage.

Join our family of possum carers here at NQ Wildlife

  • All Australian possums are protected by law, please treat them with kindness
  • Possums are nocturnal and have a specialised diet of native vegetation,
    leaves, buds, flowers, seeds, native fruit, plant exudates, and insects. You must be able to source the correct native diet for them to keep them healthy.

Please do not feed Possums non-native fruits as the high sugar content will increase their risk of getting sick, and cause them not to eat the natural diet that keeps them healthy

  • You do need a REHABILITATION PERMIT to care for possums in Queensland you can achieve this by becoming a member of NQ Wildlife which you then come under the umbrella of our wildlife permit.
  • We offer training to become a possum carer please check our training page for the next training session
  • Possums often come into care due to attacks from domestic pets, the loss of habitat, incorrect diet,  illness, injury or as a result of being orphaned.
  • Possums are nocturnal — so they do require feeding at night, please keep this in mind and ask if can you fit them into your routine

For any information on rescuing/rehabilitating possums please email our possum coordinator


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Are you a handy person, or a school or a business that wants to make and donate possum boxes to NQ Wildlife?

Our possums would love this and so would our carers

Every possum in care needs a possum box, our possums are soft-released with their own possum box for their safety and integration back into the wild or their home where they were found, the possum box is normally supplied by the carer or sourced by NQ Wildlife

Possums need room to climb and use their tails to hang about

We call these flowers Possum Candy

We feel safe in a possum box 

Possum boxes are a must for your possums this creates a safe environment for them to sleep in

We need your care

We often arrive sick, afraid, tired and very vulnerable

As we gain our strength we return love to our carers


When its time to go, we’ll let you know

Please release us back to where you found us. Put up our Possum box to help us integrate and have a safe home

Interested in becoming a possum carer 

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