What you need to do to become a Echidna carer

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Becoming a Echidna carer with NQ Wildlife


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NQ Wildlife Care runs courses throughout the year in Echidna care and rescue / become a member /take a course /grab the skills you need and start caring for our echidnas in your home

Being a carer is the most rewarding experience ever.

Becoming an Echidna carer

  • Here at NQ Wildlife, we run carers courses as we like to give you the best chance of being the best carer you can be.
  • Echidna species we have in Queensland is the Short Beaked Echidna
  • The echidna is a spiny, ant-eating animal that lives in Australia and New Guinea.
  • They are made to dig with sharp claws and sharp hair (their spines are actually their hair)
  • They are egg-laying mammals!
  • Slow moving with not good eyesight.
  • Most echidna come into care after being hit by cars. So its human that are their biggest problem
  • Most animals come off very poorly after an encounter with an adult echidna.
  • Our Echidna course will give you the skills to handle these spiky little diggers and the knowledge to rehabilitate them so they can be released back into the wild.
  • Echidna care is a speciality wildlife craft and you need special enclosures as they are diggers with great skills, and need to be kept really cool as well.
  • You need a permit to rehabilitate echidna.
  • This can be achieved by becoming a NQ Wildlife member doing our wildlife course and echidna care training’
  • We look forward to having you join our Wildlife team of carers
  • We rehabilitate to release!
    We give our wildlife the best possible chance of surviving once released back into the wild

For any information on rescuing/rehabilitating echidnas’ please call us at

NQ Wildlife Care on 0414 717 374

if you are interested in becoming a carer also please get in touch
we provide training, support and resources for our carers.




We are no match for cars

Most of us come in with damage to our spines noses and feet

Baby Echidna are called Puggles 

we feel safe in your care, we need love and care to grow and recover 

We need your help

We often arrive hurt scared  and very vulnerable

As we gain our strength we try to escape back to our home


When its time to go, we’ll let you know

We are very spiky sorry about that but we will remember your kindness 

Interested in becoming a Echidna Carer or rescuer

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