Membership Terms

Membership of North Queensland Wildlife Care Inc (NQWC) is valid for one year and gives members access to the following:

  • specialised training
  • wildlife food and other supplies at reduced cost
  • NQWC Group Rehabilitation Permit (for new members approved by the relevant species coordinator)
  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance (for 12 years old and over)
  • monthly newsletter and regular updates


Members of NQWC agree to the following:

  1. to support NQWC’s core values and to comply with its policies, procedures and Code of Conduct (see below);
  2. to comply with the Code of Practice – Care of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals in Queensland, as well as with the legislation that governs NQWC’s activities including the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (Qld), the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (Qld) and relevant regulations.
  3. to comply with all reasonable instructions and advice provided by the Management Committee and the relevant species coordinators;
  4. to report all native animals in their care to the relevant co-ordinator, regardless of the animals’ origin, and to consult with the relevant co-ordinator before any movement of native animals;
  5. not to pass on native fauna in care to another person unless that person has the appropriate permit and training;
  6. to maintain and submit records about native fauna in their care, as required;
  7. to provide a copy of their rehabilitation and/or damage mitigation permit, if any, to the Membership Officer (or allow the relevant species coordinator to sight it);
  8. all activities undertaken by members are completely voluntary and are at their own expense and risk;
  9. NQWC group permit and insurance will cover only persons named on this application form

Serious, deliberate and/or repeated breaches of any of these conditions may result in cancellation of membership.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code is to provide standards of behaviour that support NQWC’s aims and activities. It applies to all members, including ordinary and Management Committee members.

This Code stands beside but does not exclude or replace the rights and obligations of individuals under legislation or common law.

The following standards of behaviour are expected from all members of NQWC:

  • treat all NQWC members and members of the public with respect and courtesy;
  • maintain a positive and co-operative attitude with other members;
  • refrain from and discourage gossiping;
  • do not engage in bullying;
  • value NQWC’s reputation and its members and refrain from criticising the organisation and its members in public, especially on social media;
  • treat NQWC’s property with respect and integrity;
  • communicate any concerns to the Management Committee in a confidential, constructive and appropriate manner;
  • in case of conflict or grievance, follow the procedures outlined in NQWC’s Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure

Privacy Statement

NQWC respects its members’ privacy. Members’ personal details will be stored securely on a member database for the use of NQWC. They may be circulated to other members of NQWC if needed for administrative or wildlife care purposes. Members’ personal details may be released to the Department of Environment and Science when reporting on the Group Rehabilitation Permit. Details will not be released to any other organisation without members’ prior written approval.